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Whatever he saw, he's terrified of it.
Burns raised his eyes, expecting to be unimpressed. A pair of hazel eyes, wide and young, stared back at him.

Burns dropped his hand from Larry's shoulder. Involuntarily, he cupped it to his mouth. "No," he whispered softly. He felt the blood drain from his face. Those eyes, the color, the expression, the intelligence behind them. It was as if the past itself had ripped free from history, and sunk its talons into his chest. Memories he thought he'd buried erupted forth, bringing a flood of emotions with them. "No," he muttered again, voice trailing off. "It can't be. It's not you…"


This picture was inspired by the exerpt above which is from the marvelous ChequeRoot's piece The Inception of Ryan Smithers. Which can be read along with the rest of their stories at
A Wove, the Woven
They're a species I made quite a few months ago when I was panicking about midterms. Drew them in a chibi form here which I pretty much never do.
Basically they're the ones who are writing all of the stories of all the multiverses.
Agender Species

Ambiguous body type
-femme w/o breasts
-no genitalia

6 arms, 6 eyes

Split tongue

Large cane umbrella
-showering a map of stars when held open above

A small sun/ball of spider thread stores information, white light, unlimited

Clothing are their stories, white light

Flame hair

Dark skin, almost black version of the color of their flame hair

White Star light freckles
Musical voices

Born from tears, and thread of another Wove
-not parent and child
-not siblings
-something in between
-called weblings

Flame is white when they’re born
-changes as they grow, depending on the sorts of stories they tell
-called Litch when their flame is still white (it means white, light) (As close to the word child as they get)

They don’t age like us, but like we ask one another our age, they ask the length of the threat they’ve used

When writing themselves to appear human in their stories they appear as a child or as a very tall person
-always with an umbrella
-they only wear what they’ve made

It’s insulting to give them clothing

It’s an extreme act of intimacy for one to try on another’s clothes (Stories in the clothing will pass before the wearer’s eyes in a moment)

♔ "Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you." ♔




GENDER: Agender

DATE OF BIRTH: June 13th

AGE: 31

HEIGHT: 6’ 5

WEIGHT: 213 lbs


OCCUPATION: Assistant Blacksmith



INTELLIGENCE: 6 / 20 (okay)

WISDOM:  7 / 20 (average)

RESOLVE:  4 / 20 (okay)

STRENGTH:  16 / 20 (great)

DEXTERITY:  7 / 20 (average)

MAGIC:  0 / 20 (terrible)

PRESENCE:  14 / 20 (intermediate)

CHARISMA:  1 / 20 (terrible)

INFLUENCE:  6 / 20 (okay)





In Honey’s opinion if you can’t kill the animal quickly and relatively painless you shouldn’t be hunting. He knows his way around a gun and a bow.

Growing up on a farm with a variety of animals he knows quite a bit about them and how to act around them.

Strong swimmer.

Great at working with metal.

Great at reading animals behavioral signs.





He’s overly trusting, always wanting to look for the best in people.

He can’t talk in front of a crowd. Crowds in general make him nervous.

He can easily be distracted, whether it be with conversation, food, or flowers.

Avoids confrontation like there’s no tomorrow.

Slow learner, often needing to be shown things more than once.


He’s a coward.

Awful liar.



Machete he brought camping

Bow and arrows he got in town.




Honey is a friendly sort of person. He tries his best to be nice almost to a fault. To put it plainly he’s a coward. He hates conflict, often pretending like nothing is wrong, and avoiding people he has disagreements with.

In a lot of ways he’s trying to rebuild himself as a knew person in the town.. but that mostly just leads him to lying to himself. He’s extremely guilty about parts of his past and is jumpy because of it… sometimes he himself wonders if he’s just being helpful to make up for running away as his boyfriend screamed for him in the woods.

Still he tries to make the best of things and is an overall cheery person. He’s the sort of person who will flirts with anyone without meaning anything by it.




Grew up on farm

Learned to weld from blind women

Dated a barber

Went camping

Honey for the most part, enjoyed his childhood growing up on a farm in Oregon. He helped raise animals, learned how to hunt and fish… But even at a young age he knew he was a little different. It wasn’t uncommon for him to get punished for his “sissy behavior” by his father. At 16 he got caught kissing the pastor’s son. Needless to say he was kicked out by his homophobic parents. Life was hard after that for a while. Nobody he knew would take him in. Nobody would give him work. The whole town knew what he did after all. His saving grace was an elderly blind woman by the name of Dorothy who, as the townspeople called it, was the black sheep of her family as well. It was after school one day, back before he dropped out, when she was waiting for him- he just knew it was him she was waiting for. She offered him the spare room in her apartment if he promised to help around the house and to drive her where she needed to go.

Honey spent the years after leaving his home town traveling from place to place, taking welding or farm hand jobs for a few months at a time before moving on, never really feeling like he belonged. Never, that is, until he was getting his hair cut at the local barbershop when the man cutting his hair starting to flirt with him. The Barber, Xavier, convinced him to go on a date with a cheesy pick up line. Then dates. A few months later they moved in together. It was nearing their second anniversary when they decided to go camping for Xavior’s birthday.

There were more disappearances in the forest than common that year, but Honey and Xavier didn’t think much of it. Honey grew up camping and was confident they’d be fine going off the trails. They were on a hike with only their small day packs on their backs when they were attacked. The hardest thing Honey has ever done was to keep running when Xavier started screaming and he regrets it to this day.



PARTNERS: Clifford_Williams






Irish loaded potatoes



Helping the elderly









Ceiling fans



Afraid of thunder storms.

If you ask for his last name, because you’re uncomfortable calling him Honey he will tell you his last name is Darling. Which is an alias just like Honey.

He still has the straight razor he was planning to give Xavier on his birthday. It's rather pretty. He often uses it like a pocket knife.


CHATROOM AVAILABILITY: Normally after 4 (-8:00) on weekdays and most weekends. I’m graduating high school this year so this will change.


IM AVAILABILITY: Skype, Notes, dA Messages, tumblr (cuttletoon)


SKYPE NAME: Note me for it please.


After a majority of the fireworks were all said and done Walter would excuse himself for bed. It’d take him longer to fall asleep than he’d like to admit and wouldn’t be long before he’d wake up in the wee hours in the morning with a cold sweat from nightmares. Before he was really aware of what he was doing he’d be outside the door to Wukong’s room, that is what he’d started to think of the room as these days, holding the handle.

That’s when the doubt would hit him.. And pride. How foolish he felt, being a grown man and wanting to climb into another’s bed after a nightmare.

After a few shaky breaths he’d force himself to let go of the handle, to walk away and well, go into the kitchen and pour himself something strong. Maybe he should turn on the lights on and make the fireworks still booming outside seem farther away.. But he didn’t want the light to disturb Wukong, if he was even still here. That thought scared him as well, to go into that room seeking comfort only to have him be gone. Walter would go and sit on the couch with a brandy in hand, bottle on the table in reach.








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